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Which shave ice vendor to consider?

IcySkyy was founded on our passion for shave ice.  We want to share what we love and what we know with the rest of the shave ice and dessert community. We know there are a lot of choices of vendors on the market.  We are very grateful for the all the positive feedback and support we've received.  All of our customers have been wonderful and we are constantly trying to improve our service and products in order to serve our customers better.  We offer a wide range of shave ice flavors, accessories and supplies.  All of our flavors are FDA registered, and they are locally made with the highest care.  Our machine repair services have been very well received by...

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Profitability of a Shave Ice Business?

Money talks.  The weather has been heating up lately.  I'm sure everyone's getting very busy.  How much money does a shave ice business generate?  that's an important question for anyone who wants to start a business full time, or possibly want to supplement with a secondary income.  Shave ice is actually a very profitable niche business if you do it right.  I recently read a article that's very informative, so I want to share it here.  There are many types of shave ice business: kiosk, push-cart, food trucks and brick-and-mortar store. The truth is Shave ice business has a very healthy profit margin, which makes it an ideal business to dive into.  Read the full article here: I took some charts...

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Ready-to-use Simple Syrup vs. Flavor Concentrates?

As Shave ice business owners, one of the things you have to decide on is whether to use ready-to-use simple syrups or flavor concentrates.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.  I'm biased towards flavor concentrates because I know it'll generate more profit at the end of day for a shave ice business.   But, let's be diligent and break it down...   Ready-to-Use simple Syrups: Advantages are it's already made, so it's convenient!  All you need to do is to put it in a pour bottle and add a pouring spout, and you are ready to go!  Disadvantages are you don't have control over its sweetener. Most syrups on the markets use high fructose syrup.  Secondly, syrups are heavy, so...

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