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Our commitment to our customer and our planet

At Icy Skyy, we strive to provide the best products and service to our customers. We are very excited to introduce our newest exclusive product - Biodegradable Pedal Cup! We are committed to making our world a better place.

Biodegradable Products

Eco-friendly, biodegradable products.  They are durable and allow us to do our... 

IcySkyy flower cups
  • Biodegradable Pedal Cup

    Exclusive to Icy Skyy - Biodegradable Pedal Cups are made from cornstarch. They are an eco-friendly alternative to plastics. Biodegradable and compostable. Designed in our popular Pedal cup shape.

    Biodegradable Pedal Cup 
  • Jumbo Natural Boba Straw

    100% biodegradable Natural Jumbo Paper Straws for Boba drink, smoothies, or milkshakes.  They are Individually wrapped for highest sanitary standards. Durable and large diameter.

    Paper Jumbo Straws 
  • Paper Drinking Straw

    100% biodegradable Paper Straw in beautifully designed colors and patterns. Durable and playful. They are also individually wrapped for highest santitary standards.

    Paper Drinking Straw 
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