Catering business

As the holidays are just around the corner, lots of parties are in the works.  Catering shave ice and desserts are great opportunities to continue the business in the colder months. Think holiday parties, weddings, birthdays.  

How does a Pina Colada shave ice sound after a night of dancing? You don't have to ask me twice. During the winter months, we have to be creative. As the temperatures dip, customers don't necessarily look for cold desserts. However, they can still be a hit at the right places.  Things can do the tricks are winter or party appropriate flavors, winter decorations, holiday themed garnish. The options are limitless. If anything, I think enjoying a cold dessert in the winter time is happiness that you can taste. It almost instantly transports you to a tropical island, "a Pina Colada" please.  


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