Summer Wedding? Consider themed wedding with shave ice

Having a wedding this summer?  How about a themed wedding? Imagine a beach soiree on a white sanded beach with tiki torches, and drinks with mini umbrellas in them.  Even better, how about Shave Ice catered for your guests and loved ones?  

Weddings can be stressful to plan, but they are also be so much fun when you allow yourself to have fun with it.  Having Shave ice at a wedding sounds like the perfect addition to any summer wedding.  The guests will gush about it for days!  you can even get creative with the shave ice flavors and add adult beverages in them.  The choices are limitless.  It will transport your guests to an paradise island, and instantly adds that cool vibe to your party.  

Are you planning a wedding, or helping a friend or client plan a wedding? read the article above to get more ideas.  I might be biased, but ummmm Shave ice...Yum!  


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