The Ultimate Shave Ice Flavors Guide

1. Choosing Shave Ice Flavors: Consider Your Location and Clientele

Which shave ice flavors are your favorite?  Well, there are so many to choose from! the answer to this question depends on the location of your store and the type of clientele you cater to. People from different parts of the country will have different taste. They also prefer different flavor trends.  Sometimes, more doesn't always mean better.  Of course, the flavors you offer need to be delicious. 

2. Stick with Classics and Refreshing Favorites

Most stores have the classics: Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Raspberry, blueberry.  Think common flavors and also refreshing flavors people like on a hot summer day (like your childhood memories of your favorite ice cream!). For stores starting out, these flavors are your stables.  Also for parties, it's easy to win over the crowd with the classics. 

3. Get Creative with Exotic and Fun Flavors

Now, layer on the twists. There are exotic, fun flavors.  There are flavor choices for the health conscious.  Li-Hing Mui is a popular one, sometimes acquired taste for some.  Hawaiian locals love the sour plum taste and they also add the li-Hing powder to their fruits.  Passion fruit is another delicious exotic fruit flavor.  People also make fun flavor like "tiger blood".  So the choices are limitless as you can see.  I personally love Lychee, which is a great tropical fruit flavor to add to your list.  Green tea is an Asian inspired, yet healthy choice for your menu. Green tea contains abundant antioxidants and promotes digestion.

4. Cater to Health-Conscious Customers with Sugar-Free Options

Sugar free flavors are another great add on to your menu. They are also very easy to make when you make your syrups using flavor concentrates. Imagine the joy when the little kid can enjoy shave ice like everyone else. They can because your menu offers a sugar free option. 

5. Experiment and Adapt to Customer Preferences

As you build your business, you will learn your customers' tastes. Then, you can have a great set of flavors that work for you. So, try out flavors, and experiment.  Good flavors travel fast, and customer will love what you offer.  

6. Explore a Variety of Flavor Concentrates

We offer many flavor concentrates (both natural and standard) for you to choose from. If any of them interest you, request free samples to try out. The link is: 

As always, feel free to ask us if you have questions. We'd be happy to explore the flavor options with you.  


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