Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Which Shave Ice to love?

Living in the digital age we are now where food porn pictures are shared instantly, our taste buds can barely keep up! I, for one, am always making mental notes of what I want to try next because I had seen a photo of the "it" food or dessert that's hard-to-resist, want-to-bite-into-it, but will take-a-picture-first. Shave ice wins me over easily. There are Hawaiian shave ice, sno cone, Taiwanese shaved ice, snow ice, Bingsu (Korean shave ice), Halo-halo, and the list goes on.  My quest is to eat all the shave ice, and then repeat.  So please join me on my journey.  

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Supplies

Today, we eat Hawaiian Shave Ice.  The rainbow colored syrup permeates through the fine snow-like ice.  I love drizzled snow cap (condensed milk).  I have strawberry, banana and blue Hawaii flavors on my ice (try these awesome flavors!), and of course, not to forget the vanilla ice cream!  What can be better than this on a hot summer day?  Until next time...keep cool and eat a shave ice.  

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