Which shave ice vendor to consider?

IcySkyy was founded on our passion for shave ice.  We want to share what we love and what we know with the rest of the shave ice and dessert community. We know there are a lot of choices of vendors on the market.  We are very grateful for the all the positive feedback and support we've received.  All of our customers have been wonderful and we are constantly trying to improve our service and products in order to serve our customers better. 

We offer a wide range of shave ice flavors, accessories and supplies.  All of our flavors are FDA registered, and they are locally made with the highest care. 

Our machine repair services have been very well received by our customers.  We always try to get the ice shavers back in business as soon as possible because we know customers are counting on their ice shavers for their businesses, and for their next catering event.

We are also trying to develop and introduce new products.  This year, we have introduced cherry blossom bowls, and biodegradable plant fiber bowls.  We have many more exciting projects, and we can't wait to share them with you!  Please check back with us and see what we have to offer!  Thank you so much for your support!

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