Shaved Ice Or Snow Cone Flavors - Concentrate 32 oz. - IcySkyy
Shaved Ice Or Snow Cone Flavors - Concentrate 32 oz. - IcySkyy

Shave Ice Or Snow Cone Flavors - Concentrate 32 oz.

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Are you ready for the best concentrate you've tried? Our Shave Ice or Snow Cone Flavors Concentrate - 32 oz. is what you want with more than a dozen amazing flavors sure to please even the most discerning crowd. Be amazed at how popular our flavors will be with your customers or guests. And, keep your guests hydrated as your 32 oz. concentrate makes 8 gallons of syrup.

Flavors like cotton candy, mango, and guava punch are just some of what we have to offer. From fruity to fanciful, our flavors have a range of tastes. Better still, our concentrate can be made into sugar-free syrup meaning you can expand your menu with sugar-free flavor options. In addition, our concentrates last longer than syrups and are a better value for your money.

Perfect for any celebration, event, or store with a shave ice machine, place your order with today. We are happy to provide you with a free sample of flavor with your order.

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  • Concentrate 32 Oz. is perfect for any stores, catering events.
  • Comes in many delicious flavors.
  • a 32 Oz. bottle can make 8 gallons of ready to use syrup.  
  • Using Concentrates is a very economical way to make Shave Ice syrups or snow cone syrups allowing for higher profit margins.  

Why use Concentrates?

  • Using Concentrates is a very economical way to make shaved ice or snow cone syrup allowing higher profit margins.  For example, 4 Oz. Concentrate can be made into 1 Gallon of ready to use syrup! 
  • Concentrates do not contain sugar, so you can make your own sugar free ready-to-use simple syrup by using sugar substitutes. 
  • Concentrates have a longer shelf life, preventing spoilage and waste of syrup. 
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Customer Reviews

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  • Use a gallon container and dissolve 5 lbs. of sugar in approximately 1/2 gallon of purified/filtered water.
  • Shake the mixture well before adding 4 Oz. of flavor concentrate.
  • Then fill the rest of the container with purified/filtered water to make one gallon of syrup. For best results, keep the syrup refrigerated.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review