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Shave Ice Flavors - Concentrate 128 Oz. (Gallon)

Shave Ice Flavors - Concentrate 128 Oz. (Gallon)

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  • Shave ice Flavor Concentrate 128 Oz. bottles are perfect for any stores, catering events.
  • Comes in many delicious flavors like passion fruits or guava. Click on the flavor button above to see more.
  • Stock your best selling flavors using gallon concentrates, and never worry about running out of flavors during your busy months!  
  • 128 Oz. (1 gallon) bottle can make 32 gallons of ready-to-use syrup.
Concentrates vs. Ready-to-use syrup 
  • Using Concentrates is a very economical way to make shaved ice or snow cone syrup allowing higher profit margins.  For example, 4 Oz. Concentrate can be made into 1 Gallon of ready to use syrup! 
  • Concentrates do not contain sugar, so you can make your own sugar free ready-to-use simple syrup by using sugar substitutes. 
  • Concentrates have longer shelf life, preventing spoilage and waste of syrup. 
Mixing Instructions

Use a gallon container and dissolve 5 lbs. of sugar into approximately 1/2 gallon of filtered/purified water. Shake the mixture well before adding 4 oz. of flavor concentrate. Then fill the rest of the gallon container with filtered/purified water to make one gallon of ready-to-use syrup. For best results, keep the syrup refrigerated. Store unused flavor concentrates in tightly closed containers in a dry and cool place, protected from heat and light. 

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