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Syrup Preservative

Syrup Preservative

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  • Use syrup preservative to help preserve your ready to use syrup.
  • Ingredient: sodium benzoate. Powder form.  
  • Choose packaging: In bag, or In gallon bottle.  
  • Mixing instructions: Dissolve the powder preservative completely in a gallon container to make 1 gallon of liquefied preservative. 
  • please note: When ordering in a gallon container, the container will not be fully filled, but only filled with enough powder, to allow space to add filtered/purified water to dissolve the powder preservative to make 1 gallon of liquefied preservative.  
  • Please use 0.50 oz of liquefied Citric acid and 1 oz. liquefied preservative per gallon of syrup.

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