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Shave Ice Flower Cups - Small (4 Oz.)

Shave Ice Flower Cups - Small (4 Oz.)

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Are you looking for the perfect serving cup for your shave ice business? Look no further. These flower cups are perfect for preventing sticky, messy drips letting your customers love their shave ice even more than before. 

Made with high-quality food-grade plastic, these Shave Ice Flower Cups - Small (4 oz.) come in six different colors, and the package contains 2400, packaged in 200-count sleeves. Order an entire box of one specific color or a mix. The red, blue, green, pink,orange, and yellow colors look like summer flowers. The petals around the edge of the cup serve two purposes: to enhance the flower appearance and prevent drips as the shave ice melts.

Your customers will love the sturdy cups and the no-mess way they can enjoy your product. So, if you're looking for a cup to serve the delicious shave ice you already make in a fun new way, these cups are perfect for your business.
Try them today.
  • Shave Ice Flower Cups 4 Oz. size, made with high-quality food grade plastic  
  • Comes in Sleeves of 200 pcs.  Or Cases of 2400 pcs
  • In six vibrant, eye-catching colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, or choose Mixed colors
  • Bulk discount available, please contact us for more details.  *****please note: bulk discounts do not automatically apply at checkout, we will apply discount after purchase is made.*****

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